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By David Trobisch

This advisor introduces the complicated re-creation of the Nestle-Aland Novum Testamentum Graece, 28 version, explaining its constitution, the text-critical equipment and appendices, and the options of the recent variation.

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Sometimes a superscript symbol immediately follows the sign for a manuscript, such as an asterisk in B*. Name at least three of these symbols and describe their functions. (58*–59*) i. Explain when the abbreviations ????, pm, and Byz are applied. (59*–60*). j. What does the notation “p)” indicate? (61*) k. The editors distinguish three groups of Greek manuscripts on the basis of their frequency of citation in the apparatus. What are the technical terms used for these three groups? (61*) l. ” What is the sign used to designate these two families?

1) For those parts of the text line where the editors did not create an entry in the apparatus, one cannot assume that all consistently cited witnesses support the text. Actually, ????46 is not the only manuscript with a variant to τοις αγιοις γενηται of the NA28 text line. Three other consistently cited witnesses (D, F, G) rearrange the words: γενηται τοις αγιοις (Kenyon, 18). (2) Not all variants of each of the consistently cited manuscripts are recorded in NA28. (3) If the researcher reading a specific manuscript discovers a variant to the text line of NA28 at a place that shows no entry in the apparatus, it is not possible to say whether or not this variant is supported by other manuscripts as well.

Finally, eliminate those witnesses that provide the variant indicated in the apparatus. This method will leave you with a list of manuscripts supporting the variant in the text line. There is one caveat, however. Should the particular page of the manuscript happen to have some minor damage, readers will not be made aware of this, since only major lacunae are noted in Appendix I (56*). Exercise a. In Jude 17 the apparatus notes a variant to ῥημάτων τῶν προειρημένων. Which Greek manuscripts support this variant (→ solution)?

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