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By Stephanie M. Crumpton

This e-book is set Black women's look for relationships and encounters that aid therapeutic from intimate and cultural violence. Narratives offer an ethnographic photograph of this violence, whereas elevating issues over even if latest paradigms for pastoral care and counseling are congruent with what number Black ladies technique healing.

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She participated in their art; it became an avenue that allowed her to express and explore parts of her inner world that had been silenced, forbidden, and shamed. Even if it meant connecting vicariously, these musical heroines met her very real need to connect with empowering female ideas and images. The idealization of female pop-culture heroines and her fantasy attachments with these women were critical. Going deep into these characters was an important alternative to other coping behaviors she used to fend off the disempowerment she felt from being raped.

Stephanie: The idea of doing it for yourself is a little scary? Eliza: Hmm, very different. Stephanie: Um–hum. Um–hum. It would be. It would be. Eliza: Yeah, yeah. 38 A Womanist Pastoral Theology Although Eliza did not choose to seek out the kind of space that would intentionally focus on her healing, she did find healing in her vocation as a writer and teacher, and in active participation in her church. Her favorite classroom moments were opportunities in which she participated in the liberation of her seminary students who struggled with shame from sexual violence and physical assault.

And he had run outside. I had a pony. And he had run outside to where the horses were. And [name omitted] said he just flew out of here and went down there. Anyway, they called him back in. I remember by this time I was sitting with my grandmother in her bed. I had a bowl of ice cream. My aunt [name omitted] was crying. And my mother told [name omitted], she confronted him about what happened. And she told him that he was not welcome in our home anymore. Tamara was three years old when her older cousin molested her.

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