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By Gary A. Donaldson

The usa had great possibilities after global warfare II. The nation's commercial could, geared to defeat Germany and Japan, might now be desirous about family construction. genuine wages have been up, the GNP was once at the upward thrust, business construction was once up, and inflation used to be below keep watch over. the long run appeared brilliant for the common American. yet this abundance used to be punctuated with nervousness. inside 4 years of the tip of the struggle, the Soviet Union had turn into the recent enemy: they'd the bomb and China and japanese Europe had fallen into the Soviet sphere of impact. those issues, the abundance of the turning out to be economic system and the anxiousness of the chilly conflict, outlined the interval from 1945-1960.

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Thurmond won 1,200,000 popular votes and thirty-nine electoral votes in the South. Wallace received a paltry 1,100,000 and no electoral votes, although Wallace voters in New York and possibly New Jersey gave those states to the Republicans. ’’ And certainly labor saw that a vote for Wallace (or not voting in protest, as many work- Domestic Politics in Truman’s First Term 21 ers had done in 1946) was to vote for a conservative, antilabor Congress. But it is hard to credit labor because Truman lost important industrial states such as New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Indiana, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.

Baruch was popular with Congress, and Truman probably hoped to give some weight to the Acheson–Lilienthal report by attaching Baruch’s name to it. But Baruch altered the plan. When he presented the proposal to the United Nations, it sounded more like a threat than a plan to internationalize nuclear power. The Soviets, under the Baruch plan, would have to accept the entire proposal or none of it; and they would have to abandon their own atomic energy research and development, give up their fissionable material, and submit to inspections before the United States would agree to abandon its nuclear monopoly.

He said little and did less, convinced that he had only to keep his name visible to the public and ignore Truman. In 1944, against Roosevelt, Dewey’s campaign had revolved around promises to cut the excesses of the New Deal while maintaining the programs. S. Navy destroyer to pick up his dog that had been accidentally left behind in Alaska. When FDR countered with a physical robustness reminiscent of the old Roosevelt, and with a speech condemning those who picked on his ‘‘little dog Fala,’’ the nation turned away from Dewey and the Republicans at the polls.

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