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New Public Management reforms have exacerbated “professional career versus political appointee” tensions (Bowman and West 2009) in several ways: new personnel systems may allow loyalty to trump professional expertise in hiring processes and employee evaluations, pay-forperformance measures may turn into awards for political allegiance, appointees could have wide discretion in overseeing agency regulations, and overall politicization of the career service could undermine the professionalism so critical in serving the commonweal.

Statistics emphasize the importance of education and training in the civil service: “Nationally, 50 percent of government jobs are in occupations requiring specialized training, education, and job skills, compared to just 29 percent in the private sector” (Walters 2002, 8). 2 Discerning Between Legal and Illegal Questions Knowledge of employment law is an important technical requirement. Managers at all levels frequently conduct job interviews. Because there are many questions that are not appropriate to ask during an interview, knowledge of employment law is an important technical skill.

Unlike the old public service where knowledge of one’s own organization—its routines, standard operating procedures, and culture—was often sufficient for success, the new public service requires a broader awareness of collaborating partners operating in different settings. Government leaders are crucial to effective public service. Bilmes and Gould (2009, 102–103) identify several unique challenges facing these officials. Unlike business leaders, who often enjoy considerable autonomy in decision making, public administrators are subject not only to the authority of Congress and the executive branch, whose members sometimes give conflicting direction regarding spending and service delivery, but also public service today 33 to the courts, which constrain and guide officials’ actions, and to internal agency actors, including political appointees, civil servants, and program managers, who influence policy implementation.

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