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No reaction occurred even upon heating at 40 ◦ C. To test for the conversion of catalyst activity with time, norbormene was added to one of the basketene reaction mixtures after 2 days and it was readily polymerized, while the basketene remained intact. Work continues on finding conditions for successful polymerization. (b) Polymerization attempts in the presence of the molybdenum catalyst (compound 23) Procedure Reactions were carried out under argon, in sealed NMR tubes, at room temperature or with mild heating.

Characterization of this material is underway. Compound 15 has been synthesized in milligram quantities which is an inadequate amount for azidization and the process 13 −→ 14 −→ 15 −→ 16 −→ 17 will be repeated. 1. 1. The alkyl bromide and sodium azide in aq MeOH is denoted as A and aq EtOH and sodium azide is denoted as B. 1,2-Diazidobenzene and 1,4-diazidobenzene were synthesized using the process shown in Fig. 10. 1-Azidonorborniane was synthesized according to a modified literature procedure shown in Fig.

J. Forliti. 2000. Flow control applications using countercurrent shear. In: Recent advances in experimental fluid mechanics. Eds. E. Rathakrishnan and A. Krothapalli. Kanpur, India: Sahitya Nikkan. 41–56. 10. Liu, J. , J. Yampolsky, P. Ronney, and M. A. Gundersen. 2000. Plasma-enhanced combustion for reduction of rocket plume soot. 13th ONR Propulsion Meeting Proceedings. Eds. G. Roy and P. Strykowski. Minneapolis, MN. SECTION ONE ADVANCED FUEL SYNTHESIS AND CHARACTERIZATION Chapter 2 HIGH-ENERGY, HIGH-DENSITY, POLYCYCLIC HYDROCARBONS AND AZIDO DERIVATIVES R.

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