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By Kirill V. Rozhdestvensky

This e-book describes a mathematical version of stream earlier a lifting procedure appearing regular and unsteady movement in shut proximity to the underlying good floor (ground).
The writer considers a number of approximations in line with the overall approach to matched asymptotic expansions utilized to lifting flows. specific value is connected to the case of utmost floor results describing very small relative flooring clearances. Practitioners curious about the layout of wing-in-ground impression automobiles will locate during this booklet the entire proper formulae and calculated info for the prediction of aerodynamic features during this very important proscribing case. extra regularly, this ebook is appropriate for graduate scholars, researchers and engineers operating or lecturing within the region of theoretical aerodynamics.

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39) for the leading edge flow potential in terms of the coordinate v = hieii and pass over to the limit ho(hie) -+ 0 for y = 1 - 0 and fixed v. 56), on the lower surface of the wing, VI) a2h~dl IPle -+ IPlel f'Valho ( h* - - + -,;;le 7r le (12h* v2 h~v - -V) + a3V + a ho. 11) for the channel flow potential IPl evaluated for v = hieii -+ 0, that is, IPl V h le ~o + IPla ho IPi = IPh + IPl 2 ho In f'V 1) + --* a2dlh~(1v2 - ---;;- - = alho ( --;;- - - 2 h le h le 7r V) - 7r 2V +a3ho--;;- +a4 ho. 22) on the line h whieh corresponds to the leading (side) edge.

3. 1) These assumptions lead to the possibility of imposing boundary conditions for the wing and the wake on the plane Y = hand boundary conditions for the ground on the plane Y = O. 22) is reduced to the Poisson equation. It is obvious that within the linear theory, the pressure is related to the velo city potential through linear differential operators for both the upper and channel flows. 3) Signs "plus" and "minus" correspond to the upper and lower surfaces. 4) 1 Here notation h stands for the characteristic relative ground clearance.

As a result, as a consequence of limited computer resources, extremely elongated numerical cells appear near the body surface, causing ill conditioning of corresponding systems of equations and breakdown of most of the solvers; see Larsson [128]. In spite of the progress envisaged in numerical solution of Navier-Stokes equations with the use of large eddy simulation (LES), and ultimately through direct numerical simulation (DNS), the experts do not expect that these methods would be realized earlier than 10 and 20 years, respectively.

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