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By Tom Gamble

An idealistic younger Englishman, Harry Summerfield, befriends an American oil explorer in Gibraltar within the Thirties. Their assembly sparks a trip for either males to be able to take them throughout Morocco and northern Africa, to come across the cruel realities of Berber competition to French colonial rule and the fervour of a love for a similar younger French lady. choked with motion, personality and terribly bright neighborhood color, this can be a large novel ofadventure and romance which retains the reader guessing web page after web page.

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No. ’ Summerfield smiled ironically. ’ ‘The world is changing. ’ Abrach pondered this and released a sigh. ‘I suppose it is how your world works, Sidi Summerfield. ’ ‘Not so different,’ said Summerfield, with a shake of his head. ‘Let us not spoil our splendid surroundings with ideology and politics,’ said Abrach. ‘We will undoubtedly have another opportunity to discuss these things. You see, I am an educated man. ’ The merchant’s smile remained unbroken for several seconds and it sent a distant flicker of alarm through Summerfield.

The smell of machine oil, rubber and the nauseating nip of aging metal filled his nostrils. It was like an open-air grave. Piles of parts, the skeletal remains of frames and twisted wheels, cogs in heaps of hundreds and the tragic, imploring clawing of mounds of handlebars and distorted spokes lay strewn either side of the street. Sometimes the piles lay slap bang in the middle of the way, so that Abrach’s employee had to manoeuvre his way delicately round or else, on one occasion where the wheel got stuck, harangue a group of idlers into shifting the pile.

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