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IndepthAfrica is a free online news website that delivers a complete coverage of Africa breaking news, opinion, Interviews Special reports and Africa news analysis.IndepthAfrica is a versatile news source that gives African community a place to read, write, and learn about themselves. As an African Magazine, IndepthAfrica supports aspiring writers, journalists, artists and activist by offering them an opportunity to exercise, contribute, and develop their skills to help launch successful careers and developmentPublisher ( Contributors Olu abejide, Ehi Irianan, Clemence Tashaya, Mowunmi Apampa, Mariah Nene, Awosiyan Segun, Thomas C. Mountain, Obinna gaspar Ibole,Ahmed Ega,Tuji Jidda,Eric Ufom,Sojourner Marable Grimmett,Abudugana}

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For over 45-years New African has been the world’s biggest-selling, English-language pan-African magazine. With our cutting-edge content we bring an African perspective to international reporting on the continent. Inspiring and always enlightening, New African covers real issues often ignored elsewhere and corrects the many misconceptions associated with the continent.