DJ Chark Jersey  Cairo - the Jewel of the Desert

Cairo - the Jewel of the Desert

The Knowing Africa Project is growing into a multimedia platform designed to educate the world about Africa and the transformations happening on the ground.The Project is focused on Africa today and what is possible for the people, the villages, the cities, nations, the regions, the continent and it’s extended Diaspora. We have always wanted to present you beauty Africa has to offer, and today we will show you its jewel, Cairo.

History of the Desert Jewel

Tucked between four rivers, Cairo city is the really a Jewel of the Desert as people as Arabs have named it. Modern Cairo was, for practical purposes, founded in 1659, in the three-mile (5-km) radius around the Alexandria strip. The 69 founding families soon divided up the for farms and businesses.

TThe true beauty Cairo has to offer is apparent for all the visitorshe harbor which this city stands on was a very important for the development of this historical town and trading very fast became more important than farming. This town is known for its close connection with Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Settlers in Cairo created very similar buildings, like the Great Mosque, City Hall, the fountain in the park, and even a big tea house and built a part of Mecca into Egypt.

Traveling to Cairo can be very interesting. This town offers a lot of historical and interesting stories and even special historical walks and walking trails hrough the town that can bring you closer to this Cairo`s architectural beauty. Also, you can find out a lot about historic life during the wars and about Lawrence of Arabia, British archaeologist, military officer, diplomat, and writer. He was renowned for his liaison role during the Sinai and Palestine Campaign and the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire during the First World War

What To Do For Fun?

In winner of the Prettiest Painted Places in Africa, you can enjoy the scenery but also have a ton of fun in the modern part of the city. With lots of parks, museums, restaurants, mystical aquarium, shopping malls, teahouses, mosques and bazaars, theatres, bowling alleys - this city offers pure enjoyment.

Very famous and most visited places are two big casino resorts. Cairo isThere are a lot of ways fun can be had in Cairo! a big city, with almost 20,000,000 citizens, and they have lots of tourists and casino resorts are leaving people breathless with size, capacity and tons of fun everywhere. Horse racing and off-track betting were legalized in 1971. The law allowing charitable bingo was enacted in 1939 and blackjack and poker were legalized in 1972. This isn't surprising, after all - a lot of religious instutitions opposed gambling, but vere more than willing to allow it for the sake of the poor.

As one of the first northeastern states CT opened a full-scale real money casino and legal poker room Throughout this state, a busy Egyptian casino industry thrives. Additionally, in 2014 they started to spread a movement to allow video poker terminals as well. Bill is not passed yet; Residents of Egypt are free to register an account with one of over a dozen online poker websites on the Internet and hit the virtual poker betting felt from the comfort of their home computers.

Egypt explicitly defined what is gambling and its legality. This state goes one step forward with their Bill, that is saying that person who knowingly transmits/receives gambling information by telephone, telegraph, radio, semaphore or other means is guilty of a class A misdemeanor. This way the state is trying to prevent players to bet outside the legal websites. Players are advised to only play poker or betting games and other casino-style games in regulated facilities and real cash poker rooms or on the checked sites. There is a special reason why this is so - illegal casinos are known to suck their clientelle dry, and when gambling addiction is thrown into the mix, true problems can ensure for all inolved.

Also, the two tribal factions that are holding the casino resorts are more than interested to state regulation of online gambling and legit poker websites in the state itself. Until politicians figure out a way to get the CT resorts online, Egyptian gamblers can have a good time by wining bingo real money - and it's totally safeOf course, you may prefer a brick and mortar casino, but online casinos present a good practice for a later visit.

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